Sugar Nayaa Set To Drop New Song, ‘Torma’ Featuring Danny Beatz on the 11th 

The fast rising Ghanaian Afrobeats /Afropop act , Deborah Naa Tiakuah Okai is set to release a new single with Mede Kuku hitmaker, Danny Beatz.

Afropop act, Sugar Nayaa is about to hit the scene really hard once again.
From releasing Licki Locko, What A Place to Ride me, Sugar Nayaa is about to drop her 2nd song for this year, and guess what? This new song features Ghanaian singer and Producer, Danny Beatz.

The song is titled ‘Torma’ and we hear it drops on the 11th of October, and so anticipate.
Torma featuring Danny Beatz drops on the 11th, and we hear the video will also be released on the same day.!
award-winning Afropop act, Sugar Nayaa is ready to set another fire in the industry once again..

watch out for the anticipated new tune jam for Xmas titled ‘Torma’ which she features Danny Beatz. Credits goes to Danny beatz.

Follow Sugar Nayaa on: {IG, FaceBook , Youtube, etc.} @sugarnayaa Speak to the Kwaku Harry, Artists Manager, +233-248-946-915,
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Sugar Nayaa pictures below

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