Biography of Holics B

Rapper/singer, Holics B

Holics B is a multi talented versatile Ghanaian artist who was born in Accra and a fante from Cape Coast the central part of Ghana
But currently staying at Awoshie.

From the camp of Eye Faya Entertainment, so far he had 5 songs making waves in the Globe and 24 featured songs.
His first song was a single track dubbed
Make A way produced by RichyBeat.
2nd song was also called Life After Death which was produced by RichyBeat.

Holics B featured kojo Nyce on his 3rd song titled Envy which was produced by NyceBeat, 4th song was Efa wo ho Ben EL”s Efa wo ho Ben rhythm.5th Song was mixed by NyceBeat which he featured kojo Nyce and Kobby Strykah titled We Go Blow.

He recently announce to release a new song titled Kae Me which is produced by RichyBeat.

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